Thursday, 27 May 2010

Somebody Must Know......

Phew what a change in the weather but this is Britain I should expect nothing else. I sat here this morning watching the rain fall waiting for it to stop and thought, ‘you know what I am not going to let a bit of rain stop me’ after all I am a ‘proper walker’ now (well I went out yesterday in the wind...). Suitably attired (rain mac) with umbrella I set of for my walk. I have to say at this point the best bit is actually walking in through the gate, it is like stepping into another world, it even smells different and after my first deep breathe I stride off along the path.

Apart from the lake looking really beautiful with all the little drops of water pooling on it and the sounds of the rain falling the first thing I noticed was the snails........yes snails...........not just one or two but hundreds of them, all over the path, in the bushes, up the sides of stems and alive but hardly moving. Why? I have never noticed them before. Was there a ‘Snail Rave’ last night on the other side of the path and these are the ones that got caught out in the rain and are now struggling to get back? Or is it ‘Snail Bank Holiday’ too this weekend and these are the ones trying to get away early before the Friday rush like Caravaners do every Bank Holiday? I really am intrigued and somebody out there must know......I expect it is something scientific to do with phases of the moon and rain fall etc., but the idea of the ‘Snail Rave’ has put a smile on my face...;)

Any scientific information gratefully received......thanks.


  1. Aww, your walk sounds positively divine. Wish I lived anywhere near a lake...

  2. it is Dina and I am getting a camera so will share the pics with you.