Thursday, 27 August 2009

‘Blogged Today’

Having my own website is very new to me; blogging is even newer and more alien! I am told and I think I understand that blogging is like having a diary that people can read, well for my generation that is totally off the spectrum! We (my generation) as children always coveted those lucky friends that had those lockable diaries, the one with the little key they wore around their necks and who came in to school after Christmas showing the beautifully packaged little book with key on suitable ribbon around their throat. I wonder how many of them (the diaries) survive today and if they did ‘write in them every day’, it was absolute torture for me to have to write the one line required in my school diary. I ‘went to Nana’s’ almost every evening because I just could not think of anything that I actually did at home to write about. In my teenage years if I did receive a diary as a present I would make the effort to write for about the first couple of weeks and then lose interest and the diary never to be found again.

The only time I really used a diary was at work, I had the big day a page diary so that I could list all my appointments, meeting notes, things to do lists, and keep all my contacts, addresses, phone numbers etc., and in January transfer all the important information from the old book to the new one and keep the old one for at least five years just in case I ever needed to look up so and so who I met fifteen years ago, how times have changed. I now do rely on my laptop to remind me of appointments, birthdays and my contacts list is there forever but I really should remember to update it when people move! AND joy of joys I have a ‘to do list’ right there on my desktop reminding me of all the things that I haven’t done. Well this is one thing I can tick off; I have ‘blogged’ today.

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  1. That was enjoyable to read, I had a diary which I wrote in for about 4 years (not daily though).