Sunday, 12 July 2009

Updated website.

I have just updated my website and put some blank cards on which can be customised if necessary, its very difficult to know what to make unless you have an idea of the recipient and that is what I would like to do, as I have before, the customer tells me who the card is for, some little bits about the person, age, gender, hobbies etc and then I make the card for that person. I then take photos and send them to the customer and once they are totally satisfied I then send it to them and they buy it of course (hopefully ;))

I had one customer wanting a special card for her daughter and she said she wanted a traditional type of card with a proper verse inside, not soppy and sentimental but a nice verse, which is what I made for her and she was very happy about it and I know her daughter will keep that card because it came from her Mum and she knew she really had put some thought into buying it. Another wanted a card for her daughter's 40th birthday and she was into horses, so I made a card with a huge rosette and 40 in the centre, the parents loved it and so did the daughter I am reliably informed and she has said she will treasure it.

It is nice to know that the cards I make are kept as keepsakes but more than that it is nice to know that if you received a 'pambi greetings' card that the person sending it has gone to the trouble of asking me to make it and that it has been made with care and sent with much love.

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